"It is always exciting when we start a project that allows us to bring Stephanie on board. While we initially reached out to her to simply help us design a logo, she has become a key player in developing our brand image and packaging design. She has been able to create a collection of packaging that allows each product to stand out individually while still fit into a collection that is cohesive. Since redesigning our packaging with Stephanie we not only have had a positive response from existing customers but have also seen a significant increase in our sales.

Stephanie has a special ability to infuse her artwork with the personality and characteristics you want to define your brand. In addition to all of her creative talents she is extremely fast to respond and provide edits. Anyone lucky enough to work with Stephanie should not only feel confident in her abilities but also excited for the opportunity.”

- Christine Cassidy, Cape May Roasters


"Stephanie is the ultimate creative director. I've worked with talented designers and art directors for years, and I've never had the pleasure of working with some one as professional, dedicated, organized and impressive as Stephanie. She is an ace.”

- Ashlie Thornbury, Director, Campus Philly


"This studio has a creative genius at the helm and that is Stephanie Skari.

"For many years, I successfully led and managed world class global and domestic brands at Fortune 500 companies. When I wanted to create a brand iconography and design for my first entrepreneurial venture, I turned to her. I can state unequivocally that Stephanie’s talents rival those of major international design studios. Additionally, she is the consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to growing my business with her and maintaining a lifelong partnership."

- Andre Branch, VP, Marketing - Ralph Lauren Fragrances, USA at L'Oreal


“Stephanie is not only a design genius, she is arguably the easiest person I’ve ever worked with.

I expected the process of creating a 20-page brochure to be stressful and demanding; but Stephanie’s talent, confidence, and expertise actually made the process enjoyable. She is professional, creative, positive, and has the magical ability to turn (my) vague ideas into a thing of brilliance and beauty. 

Our finished brochure has since received much acclaim. We can’t wait to work with Stephanie again in the future.”

- Elaine O'Loughlin, M.Ed., Assistant Dean, Pennoni Honors College
  Associate Director, Honors Program, Drexel University


“A lot of times printers get blamed for things but it’s the design that drives the outcome of the printing. Stephanie’s perfect execution of the design makes us look good.”
- Matthew J. McKenney, Senior Account Manager, Garrison Printing Company


"Stephanie is a master of her craft. Not only is she highly creative, but she is also fantastic to work with (and be around). Her work is fresh, meticulously executed, organized, and always on-time.

She's generous with her time and talents and has been a great mentor, design partner, and friend throughout the years. I love contracting her for projects; her follow through and commitment to excellence is apparent in everything she does. It's an honor to be a friend and colleague of Stephanie's."

- Kristin Bigness, Design Associate, Seer Interactive


"I can’t thank Stephanie enough for giving me such an amazing amount of experience as an intern at Campus Philly in such a short time. She taught me how to deal with time management, always keep hierarchy in mind, and that there is always room for more detail. Even when she wasn't teaching me I was always learning with her. She is very naturally balanced being a boss, a mentor, and a friend."

- Sean Johnson, Campus Philly Design Intern, Spring 2011

“Stephanie Skari is the total designer package.

Her work is creative, eye-popping and attention-getting. She’s attuned to the client’s need, brand and message. And, she’s quick and responsive to her customers. I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

- Deborah Diamond, Ph.D., President, Campus Philly


"As Stephanie’s academic director during school, her teachers and I would often comment on how strong her design skills were. She was a humble student that took direction and feedback well and produced some of the most creative student projects we’ve had. Since graduating she has grown into an accomplished and innovative designer. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a graphic designer!"
- Kali E. Meeks, M.F.A., Academic Director for Graphic Design & Advertising, The Art Institute of Philadelphia

“Stephanie is a multi-talented individual with a unique blend of creative and business savvy. We've worked on 2 programs together and her organizational skills truly helped keep the project on track. I would recommend her for anything related to marketing a product or service.”

- Todd Foster, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Intelligencer Printing 


"Stephanie took our ideas for our wedding invitation and program and made it 'exclusively ours'. We could never have achieved such personalization without her. We could not be happier with the outcome. We highly recommend her to all of our friends. Thanks, Stephanie!"

- Jennifer Benfield & Eric Ness (newlyweds!)

"I first met Stephanie as a student in my sophomore portfolio class and throughout the last seven years of teaching, have used her work as the bar at which I expect all other students to meet.

Not only, is she hands down one of the most talented designers I have come across in both the professional and academic fields, but also a truly intelligent, compassionate and genuine individual. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!"

- Danielle DeMooy, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, Photography and Advertising, The Art Institute of Philadelphia